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Colchester Scottish Country Dancers


Welcome to the website of the Colchester Scottish Country Dancers. To navigate the site use the section headings above, some of the most frequently used pages can be accessed from the Quicklinks menu on the right. There is also a video to watch to the right of this paragraph, simply click 'Play' to watch.

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Scottish Country Dancing is a sociable dance form with roots stretching back for centuries. It is mainly danced socially, for pure pleasure and enjoyment, but many groups also perform, and there are even occasional competitions. Although the basic steps and formations are easy to pick up, the technique is being honed continuously so that at its highest levels it is now an extremely athletic, balletic dance form.

If you are looking for something different to do, why not consider Scottish Country Dancing? It’s a great way to stay fit and active with an engaging social life and the chance to meet many new friends.

Most people have a slight acquaintance with Scottish Country Dancing. At a New Year party or at a wedding, many of us have attempted to dance the Gay Gordons or the Dashing White Sergeant or even possibly the Eightsome Reel. However, there is much more than that to Scottish Country Dancing.

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