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To view this website you will need a compatable web browser, we recommend the FREE Firefox browser. You will also need the Macromedia Flash player if you wish to view the video on the home page.



To navigate the website, use the navigation bar running along the top of your browser window. Click any of the images or links there to navigate to the main sections of the website. For your convenience we have included a 'Quicklinks' menu to the right of this text. This allows you to quickly navigate to our most popular pages. Also look out for links at the bottom of passages of text linking you directly to similar content, this enables you to find the information you want more quickly.


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If you have trouble reading any of the text on the site you can increase the text size through your browser's 'View' menu.



Why should I get the Macromedia Flash Player?

It is very likely that you will already have the Flash player installed on your computer since it is automatically provided with many of the more recent browsers. If you cannot see Flash movies then you will need to download the player from the Macromedia web site. The download will take a minute or two over a 56k modem and can be used as soon as download is complete. The player only needs to be installed once.

This website was created for and is displayed best using Firefox. Firefox is a FREE web browser from Mozilla the producer and provider of the award-winning Mozilla web and e-mail applications suite. Firefox protects you from Spam, Pop-Ups and SpyWare, is fully customisable and more secure than most web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer. Click the button above to find out all the benefits of Mozilla Firefox.


If you have any queries not covered here or require more assistance, please contact us using the link below.

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